Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it cost extra to use SFCNtv?
No. SFCNtv is included with your SFCN cable TV subscription.
Does SFCNtv have the same channels as my old cable TV package?
SFCNtv was built to mirror the SFCN cable TV service. With very few exceptions, the channels and channel numbers remain the same.
Does my device support SFCNtv?
Please see our Supported Devices page to check if your device is able to run the SFCNtv app.
How do I sign up for SFCNtv?
Go to our signup page. Once you are entered into the SFCNtv system, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. Once your email address and password are set up you can use those credentials to log in to the SFCNtv app.
How do I reset my SFCNtv password?
Your SFCNtv password can be reset using the "Forgot Password" link at
SFCNtv supports 3 concurrent streams. Can I add more?
Yes. You can upgrade your concurrent SFCNtv stream counts to 5, 7, or even 10 streams.
What do I do with my old cable TV boxes?
Please return your old SFCN cable TV boxes to SFCN at 65 S. 630 W. We would love to remove those from your cable TV bill.
Do I have to have SFCN internet service to use SFCNtv?
Yes. SFCN internet service is a requirement for the SFCNtv service.
Is password sharing allowed with SFCNtv?
No. If our reports indicate that your account is being used from multiple locations you will be disconnected from the SFCNtv service.
When will the old coax cable TV service be discontinued?
We will be discontinuing the old coax cable TV signal on October 7th, 2024.
Do I need an Amazon account?
To use the SFCNtv app on an Amazon Fire TV device you do need to have a free Amazon account to log in to.
Where do I set the parental controls?
After launching the SFCNtv app, go to the recordings tab and in the top right corner click on the gear icon. The first option in those settings is parental controls.