Residential Internet Tiers

Cable Modem
Cable Modem
Download Speed Cap 60 mbps 100 mbps 120 mbps 1000 mbps
1 gigabit
Upload Speed Cap 10 mbps 100 mbps 15 mbps 1000 mbps
Customers / Node (Neighborhood) Limited N/A Limited N/A
Static IP Cost N/A $5 / month Includes 1
$5 for additional
Includes 1
$5 for additional
Static IP Addresses 1 Maximum 1 Maximum 3 Maximum** 3 Maximum**
Price when purchased with
Expanded Basic TV
$38 $38 $68 $68
Price without TV $45 $45 $75 $75

Free Installation - No Contract Required - First Month Free (restrictions may apply) - 24 hour Support Line
Fiber is now available in all areas. New cable modem connections are no longer available. Cable modem tiers are listed here for pricing reference only.

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**ARIN justification required

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