Installation Guide

SFCN is launching a new Managed WiFi Service: @Home - Powered by Plume

In-home WiFi is no longer a luxury. It has become a service that nearly everyone relies on to provide internet connectivity to a wide range of devices from computers to thermostats and everything in between. With that need comes additional hardware requirements like the wireless router. Choosing the right wireless router in the right price range for your needs, while also making sure that it is configured and maintained properly to keep your family’s online devices safe can be a frustrating and daunting task.

Because the needs and demands of each customer are nearly as unique as the customers themselves, SFCN has not traditionally provided wireless routers, but instead left it up to each customer to find and use whatever wireless router they decide works best for them. While this works perfectly well for some customers, it has been difficult for others. This leaves SFCN very limited in the support we are able to offer our customers with their wireless routers. Until now.

Introducing @Home - Powered by Plume

Leveraging the advanced features of the Plume SuperPods, SFCN is now able to provide our customers with a reliable, scalable and secure solution for their home WiFi needs. Using the support tools available with this platform, SFCN can better assist our customers in troubleshooting connectivity problems with their WiFi networks and devices.

Key benefits of the @Home - Powered by Plume service include: