SFCN Transparency Disclosure

  1. Network Management Practices
    1. Blocking. We block some application ports because they are known exploits for viruses and hacking. The blocking occurs at our Core router and some of the application ports may work internally on our network. The following is the list of edge blocked ports:
      1. udp port 19,tcp port 135,udp port 135,tcp port 137,udp port netbios-ns,tcp port 138,udp port netbios-dgm,tcp port 139,udp port netbios-ss,udp port 150,tcp port 445,tcp port 593,udp port 1434,udp port 1900,tcp port 4444,tcp port 5554,tcp port 35761,tcp port 35762,tcp port 35763
    2. Throttling. Not Applicable. We do not throttle any traffic.
    3. Affiliated Prioritization. Not Applicable. We do not prioritize traffic for any affiliate.
    4. Paid Prioritization. Not Applicable. We do not prioritize traffic for any amount of money for anyone.
    5. Congestion Management. Not Applicable. We have no usage limits and no triggers for degradation of service.
    6. Application-Specific Behavior. Not Applicable except as noted under the Blocking section.
    7. Device Attachment Rules. Not Applicable.
    8. Security. We deploy some anti IP spoofing methods, Rogue DNS protection and other Industry standard network protections.
  2. Performance Characteristics
    1. Service Description. We operate a Hybrid Fiber Coax system, an Active Ethernet Fiber network and wireless 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. The suitable applications for levels of service are listed here: https://sfcn.org/internet/compare.php
    2. Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services. On any of our networks, phone service can have a very slight effect on the total bandwidth provided to the customer premise.
  3. Commercial Terms
    1. Price. Our prices are clearly listed here: https://sfcn.org/internet/. There are no usage based fees or contracts and no fees to terminate service.
    2. Privacy Policies. We do not do any regular network traffic inspection but we will occasionally view the types of traffic on our network so we can better plan for future growth. We do not store any traffic data and it is not available whatsoever. We do maintain a list of IP addresses used by every customer, but that information is sacrosanct and is only shared with legal authorities when we are serviced with a legal subpoena or other court order.
    3. Redress Options. If you have questions or complaints please don't hesitate to call one of our technicians at 801-798-2877.