FTTH Progress Map

This new phase of the Spanish Fork Community Network has brought unmatched Internet speeds to our town. Offering 1 gigabit download and 1 gigabit upload, the new network will meet even the most demanding customer's needs. Not just fiber to your home, SFCN will bring the fiber INTO your home; No PON, GPON or RFOG, we have built the fastest, most reliable and upgradable active ethernet system possible. Nothing faster, nothing better! All for as low as $68 / month.

And anyone on the PLUS or Premium tiers gets all the advantages of synchronous service and very low latency. The PLUS tier offers 100 mbps up and down while the Premium tier is full light speed at 1 gigabit up and down.

Landlord Fiber Authorization Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Fiber to the home"?
Currently SFCN has fiber optic cable to the neighborhood and coaxial cable to the home. Fiber To The Home will run the fiber all the way into your house to provide the fastest data network possible while increasing reliability.
Why do I need fiber to my house?
The ability to have multiple video and audio streams, Internet surfing, enhanced voice and home security features put pressure on existing networks to provide the necessary bandwidth. Fiber solves all those issues and more, providing all the bandwidth necessary in a new modern household.
How is SFCN going to pay for the new network?
The new enhanced fiber network will be paid for using revenue from the existing SFCN system. No tax dollars will be used and no rate increases will be necessary.

It is important to remember SFCN does not use tax dollars. The entire system is operated using the revenue collected from our happy customers.
When will construction begin?
Construction of two test nodes begins September 2015 with full speed ahead in July of 2016 installing about two nodes a month.
Will SFCN have to dig up the streets and yards?
When SFCN was constructed, we built a network of conduit that will be utilized for the fiber optic cable. Since over 80% of the homes in Spanish Fork are already connected to that network, additional dig ups will be rare.
What kind of system is SFCN going to install?
SFCN is installing an Active Ethernet fiber to the home solution. The technology will provide the most reliable and upgradable system possible. 1 Gigabit to your house initially but 10 gigabit and 100 gigabit are in the future!
Who will get the service first in my node?
ALL Premium and PLUS tier Internet customers will be upgraded to the FTTH system. Starter tier customers will remain on the cable modem system.
How much will it cost me to upgrade to the new system?
If you are already on the PLUS or Premium tiers there will be no charge to move to the FTTH system. To truly utilize the speed FTTH delivers you may need to upgrade your house router.
How much is the service going to cost and how fast will it be?
Current plans leave the pricing the same for the PLUS and Premium tiers of service. The PLUS tier will be 100 mbps up and down while the Premium tier will move to 1 gigabit up and down.