SFCN COVID-19 Internet Assistance Program

Spanish Fork City Residents,

It has been brought to our attention that some ISPs are offering School Closing Internet Assistance Programs that automatically start billing after the schools reopen or a certain time lapses. That type of assistance feels like an effort to gain customers and publicity, while SFCN has been quietly working with the Nebo School District on our assistance program.

SFCN will provide free Internet service and a wifi router to families with school-age children who do not currently have high-speed Internet. This free service is available while schools are closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak and participants are welcome to disconnect the service after schools are no longer closed because of COVID-19. We will NOT automatically start billing at the end of the program and, in fact, we won't start billing anyone unless they request to keep the service. We don't even require a credit card number. Our priority is to provide free at-home high-speed internet access for families and students who do not currently have service but need it during school closures, not to gain new customers.

John Bowcut
SFCN Director