On the advice of council, the name of our competitor has been removed.

Reply to Our Competitor's Gigabit Announcement

It feels like déjà vu all over again with our competition. They continue to bring out products with speeds they can't deliver in an attempt to thwart true technical advances in Fiber-To-The-Home deployments. With all of their resources, they still just patch things together, make promises, and disappoint everyone. Their pricing seems almost reasonable, although not very competitive but when you look closely you see the same obfuscation with "special" prices for fiber built areas, promotional limited time with contract pricing, and hidden fees. If they would bring real advanced tech with a Fiber-To-The-Home solution across Utah that would be newsworthy. Instead, we get rehashed tech that only serves to pad their pockets and slow real solutions.

Our competition hates to give up their stranglehold on the broadband business in Utah. They deploy every possible trick to prevent competition in what they consider their "turf". Instead of just deploying their own advanced technologies they continue to rely on old tech. You'd think they would get it right once but the only "right" to them is making more money, period, FULL STOP. They miss the days of being a monopoly and they act like a de facto monopoly that is desperate to maintain their crushing effect on the industry and drive out all competition.

The Spanish Fork Community Network is bringing the advanced technology of Fiber-To-The-Home to our community. We can't wait for companies like our competitor to finally bless us with the tech we need today. In today's world, a community's success is directly affected by its broadband access. I hope other communities in Utah aren't swayed by incumbent providers smoke and mirrors and continue to move towards helping their residents by deploying advanced Fiber-To-The-Home solutions.

John Bowcut
SFCN Director