SFCN Business Network

SFCN is building a robust, high speed network that will meet the needs of local business better than ever before. Using the most current fiber optic technology, SFCN is constructing a fiber network that can deliver massive amounts of bandwidth to local businesses and offer world class speed and reliability. The network is currently under construction and has one completed business node with active customers using the system. SFCN will continue to replace the existing high speed network with the faster and more reliable fiber network that will offer unparalleled services to businesses in Spanish Fork.

The network is based on the new active ethernet FTTX system being deployed throughout Spanish Fork for residential customers. The business network will offer the same high reliability and amazing speeds but with added business specific capabilities and accelerated response services when the rare problem occurs.

The high speed fiber network can be installed into new and existing businesses. New developments of business and professional parks can be custom designed for the fiber network making deployment quick and easy. For only $98 / month, businesses can get a full 1 gbps service with 1 gbps, both up and down for a synchronous service. Business features like Static IP Addresses and RDNS entries offer improved business class services while redundant path protections are also available through the existing SFCN high speed network.

SFCN has made a name for itself with exceptional quality and speed of service. On the rare occasion that you require assistance, SFCN is available with less than 1 hour response to your business. We can be onsite and correcting any issues with our service quickly and efficiently because we are here in Spanish Fork all the time. A local business servicing the other local businesses in Spanish Fork.

Competitive pricing has always been paramount to SFCN. With a business class service at $98 / month, incredible speed and reliability, we continue to deliver an amazing value to businesses in Spanish Fork. If you havent used the SFCN for your business high speed internet needs, consider the advantages that only SFCN can offer.

John Bowcut
SFCN Director